viValle Cardiology is established in the region as a center of excellence, using state-of-the-art technology in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The 24-hour cardiac care at viValle Emergency Ward allows for a prompt diagnosis of heart conditions. The 24-hour presence of cardiologists on site means that the patient is treated directly by the specialist, who will request the necessary diagnostic examinations; perform the emergency procedures; and, if necessary, hospitalize the patient.

 The Advanced Cardiovascular Center offers the latest hemodynamic equipment, which generates excellent 3D angiographic images and CT images for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and non-cardiac vascular diseases.

 The presence of a cardiology team for the inpatient admission and at the ICU ensures that the patients are monitored throughout their treatment, from admission to their hospital discharge. Additionally, the patients can rely on all the support provided by the specialists at the URC Diagnostic Imaging Services.

 The medical team of the Cardiology Department at viValle is composed of clinical and interventional cardiologists; intensive care physicians; clinical neurologists and interventional neuroradiologists; neurosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons. The team also counts with the support of nursing teams specialized in cardiovascular diseases, physical therapists, speech therapists, clinical nutritionists, and psychologists.